Message from Miss Edwards and Miss Judge

This year we are proud to be applying for the Primary Science Quality Mark. The children have enjoyed exploring science in a range of ways at school and we would like to encourage this science exploration to continue at home. To help with this, we have some fantastic investigation ideas on our Science blog under activities or follow this link To celebrate what your child has been doing at home we have set up a reward system in school. Whenever your child takes part in a science investigation at home, please take a picture and email it to: or if possible, bring it in to school and show Miss T Edwards in Reception. Can I stress that this activity does not have to be written, the more practical the better and a picture of what has happened is fine. The children will then get a special prize out of Miss Edwards’ science box and a sticker.

It would also be great to hear about your interests in science whether this is your job or a hobby you have. If you feel you would like to share some of your scientific interests/jobs please email with your name, the name of your child, your child’s class and what your interest/job is. With your permission, we will then compile a list which will be kept in school for teachers to use. If you feel you would not like to be part of this list, please let Miss Judge know when you are emailing her.

Best wishes

Miss Edwards and Miss Judge

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