English Policy

We want our children to leave Allerton with a love of reading and books. It is not just about decoding but also engaging with words and phrases, reading illustrations and stills/scenes from a film as well as learning how to understand, empathize, justify and make connections. Therefore we believe decoding, comprehension and inference are all important in the teaching of reading.

We also want our children to leave Allerton with a love of words, the ability to manipulate them into different genres, a tool to express who they are and what they stand for and a means to communicate effectively. Therefore hooking our children with purposeful writing opportunities is essential as is modelling from the outset so that children build up the repertoire required for different genres. In order to do this talk for writing is essential as is oral story telling.

Through exposure to language rich texts, visual literacy, drama and real life experiences, our children will have the chance to imitate, innovate and finally create their independent writes in poetry, narrative and non-narrative. These will be built up on year by year so that by the time they leave us in year 6, they are confident authors, journalists, commentators, poets and playwrights!

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