Corona Virus- Key Information for Parents and Carers

We understand fully that there is a high level of concern across our school family and the country as a whole due to the Corona Virus.  Many of you will have seen the announcements yesterday by the Government

It was made very clear by the Prime Minister and Chief Medical Officer they believe that there is currently no reason for children not to be in school, unless they are showing symptoms.

As a result of this, school will NOT be closing at this time, and all normal expectations of attendance apply. Not sending a child in to school due to what might happen, cannot be authorised, and has all the normal penalties attached.

The decision to close the school is not up to any member of staff or our Governors.  We can only close on the advice or instruction of the Department of Education or the Department of Public Health.

We are very aware how concerned many parents, carers, grandparents are; many school staff fit in to these categories too. We are taking every precaution, as advised by the Government, in order to protect our school community every day.

We will of course let you know if there are any changes to the above information.

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