Our Governing Body

The Governing  Body has a very important role in the way that our school is run.  We are very lucky to have a team of Governors who come from various walks of life and who bring with them a range of skills which, along with both staff and parents  enables us to work together to give the children the very best broad and balanced curriculum that we can.

We are responsible for working with the Headteacher, Staff and Local Authority to ensure that each child receives the best possible education which allows them to achieve their full potential. The headteacher is responsible for the day to day running of the school while the Governors have a strategic role- often called a ‘Critical Friend.’ Our role  is to ask questions, challenge and support the Headteacher and to set the school’s aims and policies as well as to oversee the Financial Budget to make sure that money is well- spent. The Governing Body also ensures that the school complies fully with statutory Safeguarding procedures.

In accordance with the Government’s requirements the Governing Board has three core functions for our school, as set out in the 2014 Department for Education’s Handbook:

  • Setting targets and promoting high standards of educational achievement.
  • Setting the strategic framework within which the school operates.
  • Management of the school’s delegated budget.

In keeping with statutory guidance from the Department for Education we decided to re-constitute the Governing Body in 2013. This has enabled us to change the number and types of governors and to appoint new governors based on the skills they have which could enhance our Governing Body.

Meet Our Governors

The Governing Body consists of:

  • 1 Headteacher
  • 1 Local Authority Representative
  • 2 Foundation Representatives
  • 2 elected Parent Representatives
  • 5 Co-opted Representatives
  • 1 elected Staff Representative

There are 12 Governors in total. The quorum is 6 Governors.

The standard term of office for a governor is 4 years. The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected annually at the first meeting of the year.

The Chair of Governors – Mr Rob Dyal can be contacted through the school office or directly via email at

The Vice Chair of Governors – Mrs Anna Ladd can be contacted through the school office or directly via email at

There are pen portraits of our governors here

Our Governing Body

Name Date of Appointment Register of Interests
Co-opted Representatives
Mr Rob Dyal 31/03/16 Recorded
Mr John Sherbourne 31/03/14 None
Mr Alex Holt  01/09/15  None
Mrs Anna Ladd  30/09/17  None
 Dr Najeeb Rahman 25/03/2019  None
Mrs Ann Weir 29/09/14 Recorded
Foundation Representatives
Rev. Jude Smith 30/09/17 None
Head Teacher
Mrs Helen Stott ex-officio None
LA representative
Parent Representatives
Mrs Ann Button 01/10/19 None
Mr Pete Sammons 01/10/19  None
Staff Governor Representative
Mr Michael Spink  19/04/21 None
Associate Members
Mr. Paul Smith 30/09/17  None


Governance of the school is divided into – Full Governing Body meetings which take place 4 times a year and subcommittee meetings where much of our work takes place meet three times a year and have specific remits.

Teaching and Learning
This committee monitors all work around attainment, progress and learning. It ensures that the curriculum is broad and balanced. Subject leaders present to Governors about their subject throughout the year.

Chair– Rev Jude Smith
Helen Stott,  Michael Spink,  Rob Dyal,  Najeeb Rahman,  Pete Sammons

Resources  (Staffing, Finance, Buildings)
This committee ensures that school spending is within budget and all money is spent strategically. The budget is set and reviewed throughout the  year with the Local Authority Finance Officer. Staffing and Buildings as well as Health and Safety come within this committee’s remit.

Chair -Alex Holt
Helen Stott  Paul Smith   Ann Button
In attendance- Denise Glazer (School Bursar),  Yvonne Dyal (HR Manager) and Site superintendent

This committee monitors and looks at all aspects of Pastoral work – behaviour, attendance, health and safety, safeguarding and spiritual, moral, social and cultural provision. Policies such as Child Protection, Inclusion and  Health policies are also dealt with in this committee.

Chair– Anna Ladd
John Sherbourne,  Ann Weir

Head Teacher’s Performance Management Committee
This committee meets several times per year and is responsible for setting and reviewing objectives annually.

Chair -Alex Holt
Rob Dyal,  Rev Jude Smith

Pay and Performance Committee
This will be reviewed by the Resources Committee.

Pay Appeals Committee
This committee is responsible for making sure that a fair process following the correct procedure has been followed.

Rob Dyal, Anna Ladd and Rev Jude Smith

Link Governors

RE and SIAMS Ann Weir, Rev Jude Smith
SEND John Sherbourne
Training Committee Chairs
Pupil Premium Rob Dyal
Complaints John Sherbourne
School Council John Sherbourne
Safeguarding Anna Ladd
Health and Safety Resources Sub Committee
Child Protection Anna Ladd
SIA visits Rev Jude Smith


Full Governing Body Meetings Attendance

Name 01/10/18 03/12/18 25/03/19 08/07/19 30/09/19 25/11/19 18/06/20 28/09/20
Anne Button N/A N/A Y Y
R Dyal Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
A Holt Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y
A Ladd Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
J Linsley Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
N Rahman N N N N
P Sammons N/A N/A Y Y
J Sherbourne Y Y Y A Y Y Y Y
J Smith Y Y Y Y Y Y N N
H Stott Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
A Weir Y Y Y Y Y A N N
N Rahman N/A N/A Y A A A
P Smith N/A N/A A A A N

Y = attended. A = apologies. N = no apologies. N/A not applicable

Where a Governor has sent apologies for a FGB meeting- a valid reason has been received and accepted by the G.B.


Resources committee Attendance


22/11/2018 14/02/2019  17/05/2019 21/11/19 25/02/20
A Button



A Holt



 Y Y Y
P Smith



 Y A N

H Stott



 Y Y Y


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