Pay As You Feel Food Market Stall

The Food Market Stall provides food for anyone on a PAYF or Pay As You Feel basis.

PAYF or Pay As You Feel means that we ask you to consider what you think is a fair price for the food you are buying, and leave us that amount. But we equally value you offering your time, skills and energy to support the project.

From September 2019 the food is provided by FareShare.

Fareshare are the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste.

Fareshare believe that no good food should go to waste and redistribute surplus food to charities that turn it into meals.

Pre September 2019, food was provided by The Real Junk Food Project – the food is “Junk” food in the sense that it is food that is destined to be thrown away even though it is perfectly good food. Sometimes the food has a date on it that has been passed, sometimes it is food that is being thrown out due to restocking of supermarket shelves – there are all sorts of reasons that the food is being disposed of but it is all perfectly good food that someone has taken time to grow, prepare, package and transport. For this reason we call it “junk” or “wasted” food.