Food at ACE

Dinner Menu

Our choices are based on a 3 week rolling menu. Parents make their choices online.

Dinners are provided by the Catering Agency and we meet regularly, to discuss healthy options and choices and special diets.

Nursery children are served in the Nursery, at tables which are set out with proper cutlery and encouraged to make healthy choices.

Children from Reception – Year 2 are encouraged to take up the Government Universal Infant Free School Meal offer. This is a significant saving of approx £400 per year, per child.

Please click on the link below to see the school dinners being offered this term. Summer menus are a repeat of the Spring options.

Year 3-6 children can change to having to have a packed lunch if they wish. Please give us 4 weeks notice, in writing, at the office if you wish to do this.

ACE Dinner Menu 2021-22


Packed Lunches

Children who choose to bring packed lunches are asked to follow our Healthy Schools guidance.

No nuts are allowed in school, due to the number of severe nut allergies.

In the warmer weather, the children have the option to picnic outside, which they particularly enjoy.

If you would like your child to change from having a packed lunch to a school dinner, please give us 4 weeks notice, in writing, to the email address.