English as an Additional Language

EAL (English as an Additional Language) is a big part of our life at Allerton Church of England Primary, with a rich diversity of languages spoken by our pupils. In recognition of this, we formed an EAL Council in 2018.  The EAL Council is a group of children who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.  Each council member has a different role and will be involved in meetings throughout the year to discuss and organise big events, such as The International Food Event (October), listen to feedback from pupils and parents about how we support those with additional language needs and keep everyone up to date about events in the pipeline.

 Newsround March 2020

Some of our EAL pupils have been interviewed by Newsround, to further listen to the voice of children who started in the English education system with little or no English. Please follow the link and celebrate their appearance on national television.

Language of the Month 2020


January South Korean
February Pakistan Arabic
March Ethiopia

Language of the Month 2019

January Cantonese
February Russian
March Greek
April Polish
May Farsi
June Turkish
July Mandarin
August Indian Punjabi
September Urdu
October Kurdish
November Latvian
December Afghanistan