We sent a flow chart along with our school newsletter this week, for your information on what to do when someone has symptoms of COVID-19 and whether your child can attend school or not.

You can access it by clicking the link below.

Flowchart for Parents 18.09.2020


It is important to remember that it could be ANY of the following symptoms that may present in your child or family member:


  • A temperature of 37.8C or more
  • A new, continuous cough (this means that the person is coughing for more than 1 hour, or 3 episodes of significant coughing in 24 hours).
  • A change or loss to their sense of taster or smell.


Whilst it has been in the news that it has been very difficult to use the online system for booking COVID-19 tests, we do have in Leeds two walk-in clinics running at the Gryphon Sports Centre at Leeds University and the Mandela Centre in Chapeltown.  If you are unable to obtain a test within 24 hours of your child becoming symptomatic please contact the school again for further assistance.


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