4CN train as Pizza chefs!

This morning, our class went on a trip to Pizza Express in Leeds City Centre.

The morning started bright and early with an 8:40am bus into town, ready to arrive at the restaurant in good time to meet the staff and help in the kitchen.When we arrived, we were introduced to Sayed, a fantastic pizza chef and a brilliant teacher.




We then spent the morning learning the technique of how to roll the dough ready for the toppings and how to create the perfect pizza- they was delicious! We spent a glorious half an hour eating our pizzas in the sunshine and returned to school enthused wait to start using our school pizza oven and make our own pizzas to sell in school to fundraise.







In addition to making pizzas, we also found out some fantastic facts about food providence and the history of pizzas- did you know the first pizza arrived in England in 1965?

Keep your eyes peeled for Year 4 ACE Pizza Company over the coming months!

Miss Nicholson 🙂

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